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2009-10-13 22:38:02 by subk

Hey guys, I have just completed my first caricature, unfortunately, it is of a made-up person. I will be scanning it in tomorrow night. Why not today you ask, well may B, I didn't feel like it, biatch! And yes, I meant to say "biatch" instead of "bitch". "Biatch" is cooler :D.

I've been too lazy to post it yet... Ummmmm..... plus I have to apply the symbol to it..... It'll be here soon.


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2009-10-16 00:52:16

Noun: Meaning fish-monger or garbage disposal.
A.K.A. UR MOM!!!!! lol jokes Biatch is cooler

subk responds:

Right..... And who R U?


2009-10-16 22:46:31

I am just a programmer, dun mind my biziness hear.

subk responds:

Again: RIGHT........?


2009-10-17 07:21:59

GODDAMN IT!!! I HATE U NOW!!! lol jokes. I'm just super bored and when I am, I scour around NG and leave comments all over the place.

subk responds:

I know how you feel, I do the same thing here and on youtube. But with MOAR RANDOMNESS!